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Table 1 Results of the CC plant simulation based on MS9001H ( p PH = 150 bar) (Gorji-Bandpy et al. 2010)

From: Enhancing power output and profitability through energy-efficiency techniques and advanced materials in today’s industrial gas turbines

Element Parameter Value
Gas turbine High-pressure firing temperature, TITHP (K)a 1,700
Flow rate, m out (kg/s) 685
Power, W s (MJ/kg) 339
Steam turbine Specific work, W (kJ/kg) 506
High pressure, P HP (bar)a 150
Intermediate pressure, P IP,opt (bar) 40
Low pressure, P LP, opt (bar) 3.2
Condensation pressure, P cond (kPa)a 7
Flow rate of high pressure, m HP (kg/s) 101.1
Flow rate of intermediate pressure, m IP (kg/s) 110.7
Flow rate of low pressure, m LP (kg/s) 121.6
Power, W (MW) 173
Specific work, W s (kJ/kg) 259
Boiler Maximum steam temperature, T max, steam (K) 833
Gas temperature at the exit of the HRSG, T out (K) 365
HRSG heat duty (MW) 410
Overall performances CC power, W el (MW) 505
CC specific work, W s, el (kJ/kg) 754
CC efficiency, η el (%) 60.1
  1. aFixed values for GE's steam and gas CC power plant.